The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech (LiPS)-The LiPS Program successfully stimulates phonemic awareness. Individuals become aware of the mouth actions which produce speech sounds. This awareness becomes the means of verifying sounds within words and enables individuals to become self-correcting in their reading and spelling, and speech.

It is common for individuals to gain several grade levels in decoding ability in four weeks to six weeks of intensive instruction, or to make further gains in speech-language after hitting a plateau under traditional speech therapy.

Many children and adults have difficulty judging sounds within words. Although they see letters correctly, they cannot detect and correct their errors in reading and spelling.

This causes:

  •         Weak Decoding- Errors such as “steam” for stream, “imagination” for immigration, “claps” for clasps, etc.
  •        Weak Spelling- Errors such as “gril” for girl, “cret” for correct, “eqeutment” for equipment, etc.
  •        Pronunciation Errors- Errors such as “death” for deaf, “flusterated” for frustrated, etc.