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Other Helpful Organizations & Professionals

Workshops for Youth and Families Offers personal growth and skill-building opportunities to help students face the challenges of adolescence.

ADD/ADHD & Learning Disabilities Information & Resources

  • www.chadd.org– Children and Adults with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Organization
  • http://allkindsofminds.org/– Dr. Mel Levine’s site offering extensive articles, books and research on how children learn.
  • http://www.salt.arizona.edu/ – The SALT Center at UofA offers accommodations, assistance, and resources for college students with learning disabilities, AD/HD and other learning challenges.
  • http://www.ldresources.com/ – Provides valuable information for people or families learning to find their way with learning disabilities.
  • http://www.ldonline.org/ – This organization provides articles and resources for anyone hoping to learn more about learning disabilities.
  • ADDitude – A print and online magazine, ADDitude provides information and inspiration for adults and children with AD/HD and learning disabilities.
  • https://www.drugrehab.org/adhd-addiction-connection/ – ADHD and Addiction: What’s The Connection?