An Internationally Recognized Expert in Dyslexia

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The Barton method works! This exceptional program was released in 1999 and has over ten years of proven results. In 2003 it was approved by the California Department of Education as a successful method to tutor those who struggle with reading and spelling. The Barton Method also has all the essential components required by the No Child Left Behind Act and meets the National Institute of Health description of best practices for students with dyslexia.

Multi-Sensory Approach

Susan Barton’s Reading and Spelling System is a multi-sensory approach to learning skills of reading and works very well with individuals who struggle with reading of any age. My private tutoring with the Susan Barton Reading and Spelling Method will help anyone who is having difficulty with reading or is known or suspected to be dyslexic.

The components of this method include systematic and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, decoding, reading with fluency, spelling and spelling rules.

The Barton Reading and Spelling Method consists of ten levels

Each level is a prerequisite for the following levels. All students begin with level 1 unless the student has the needed phonemic awareness skills. It is important to note that the levels are not equivalent to grade level numbers.

·         Level 1 – phonemic awareness

·         Level 2 – consonants and short vowels

·         Level 3 – closed and unit syllables

·         Level 4 – multi-syllable words and vowel teams

·         Level 5 – prefixes and suffixes

·         Level 6 – six reasons for silent e

·         Level 7 – vowel r’s

·         Level 8 – advanced vowel teams

·         Level 9 – influences of foreign languages

Level 10 – Latin roots and Greek combining forms

I am always available to discuss the Barton Program and how I can help your child overcome reading, spelling or general literacy difficulties. 720-633-0661 or – Allison Barnow