“I was introduced to Allison Barnow a year ago when my daughter Kylee was experiencing some troubles in Kindergarten.  She was having trouble reading and needed some extra help.  Allison not only has taught my dau33ghter how to read, she has given her confidence.  This confidence has changed her life!  She is excited to learn now and Allison has given Kylee the tools to succeed and believe in herself.  In my opinion, Allison is priceless and I will forever be grateful!”  Jennifer Kosier

“Kindergarten started out poorly for my son.  He had a hard time reading, the words jumped around on the page, he couldn’t write letters properly and he was falling behind and getting frustrated.  We decided to hire a tutor and interviewed Allison.  She impressed us from the beginning – coming to our house to interview, she brought her curriculum and samples of what she would do with our son. She was articulate and very knowledgeable and was able to engage him immediately.  We hired her and never regretted it.  She made a huge difference in our son.  This year his reading, writing and spelling are not only on track but even a little above grade-level.   I really appreciated her individualized one-on-one approach with special flash-cards and progress reports for each child.  I loved getting updates from her after each lesson.  She remained in constant communication with me which gave me the ability to follow my son’s progress closely.  My son, enjoyed playing “games” with her and getting rewards like erasers and pencils.  Sometimes he did not even realize he was learning.  Allison is a real professional.  She is knowledgeable, creative, approachable and flexible. She is a terrific teacher and I highly recommend her.  I even learned some cool spelling rules from her – ask about ,”Kiss the Cat.”  I wish I had had a teacher like her when I was struggling with spelling.”

“This is Charlene Ruiz. Joseph Ruiz mother. I want you to know how wonderful I think Joseph is doing. His teacher has told me he is now the best reader in the class. (keep in mind, one year ago he was at a kindergarten level and now he has just started 3rd grade and is almost done with 2nd grade sight words) I appreciate your dedication and the hard work you display every single time with my son. In my opinion, we would never have found a more caring person to work with my son. Thank you for all you do.” Charlene Ruiz